IT Applications

Focusing on streamlining and optimizing an organization's software applications, this category aims to reduce costs while improving efficiency and innovation.

Low Code / No Code

Application Consolidation

Application Modernization

Infrastructure & Application Inventory

Cyber Portfolio Rationalization

Infrastructure & Technology

Emphasizing strategies to enhance the utilization, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of an organization's technological infrastructure, this category is centered on.

Generative AI


Infrastructure Consolidation

Utilization Improvement

Cloud Efficiency

Asset Cleanup

Architecture Harmonization & Standardization

Service Delivery

Centered on strategies and methods for optimizing service delivery, this category places a strong focus on leveraging technology, automation, standardization, and efficient management to enhance customer satisfaction and reduce costs.

Service Standardization & Harmonization

Shared Service Center

Desk Performance Improvement

Service Streamlining

Software Efficiency

Sourcing & Suppliers

Revolving around strategies that incorporate advanced technologies like AI and automation, this category aims to optimize supplier relationships, streamline procurement processes, reduce costs, and enhance the overall efficiency of sourcing and supplier management.

Delivery Location

Delivery Models, Outsourcing & Offshoring

Vendor Consolidation

Procurement Process

Service Provider Portfolio

Management & Organization

Encompassing strategies for effective management and organizational optimization, this category is aimed at enhancing efficiency and cost savings.

Enterprise Agility

Workplace Efficiency Processes

Collaboration Efficiency

Front Line Work​

Effective IT Governance

Staff Optimization

Process Optimization​